ISRAEL June 15th – June 24th, 2016
All Swimmers Welcome Ages 13 – 18


  • JOURNEY through the Old City of Jerusalem
  • KAYAK in Upper Galilee
  • TOUR the Western Wall, the holiest place in Judaism
  • SNORKELING adventure in the waters of Caesarea.
  • EXPLORE Judean wilderness to the Dead Sea
  • FLOAT in the DEAD SEA, lowest point on surface of Earth
  • HIKE through Massada, "The Stronghold", the spectacular mountain top fortress on the western shore of the Dead Sea built by Herod
  • ASCEND the Massada by foot via the "snake path" to visit the palaces of Herod the Great, the Roman baths and pools, the excavations and the synagogue.
  • TOUR ancient Roman port city of Caesarea
  • JOURNEY through the Old City of Jaffa, ascend from the ancient port through alleyways and artists' colony to Jaffa Overlook
  • BEACH DAY in Tel Aviv
  • EXPERIENCE Shabbat Dinner in the heart of Jerusalem
  • TOUR Jewish quarter and the City of David trekking through Hezekiah's Tunnel in knee-high water
  • EXPLORE beautiful city of Tel Aviv
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