ISRAEL June 15th – June 24th, 2016
All Swimmers Welcome Ages 13 – 18
Jason and Lenny


Train Under Supervision of Olympic Champions

The swim camp portion focuses on stroke drills and analysis complemented by intensive training sessions. Swimmers will be divided in lanes based on ability varying the intensities and intervals during the practice. Each day will focus on a different stroke starting with drills and technique work. This will be followed up with training to apply what was taught at higher speeds during normal practice situations. Start and turn mechanics will also be attended to throughout the course of the camp. Video sessions will show some of the best swimmers in the world from above and below the water to further help understand proper technique. Each swimmer will be recorded underwater and receive a digital copy.

  • Training Sessions
  • Camp focuses on technique and drill instruction covering all four strokes.
  • Focus on improving starts and turns
  • Underwater film review/analysis
  • Stretching routines
  • Nutrition discussions
  • Goal setting presentation with goal setting exercises
  • Motivational talks
  • Psychology of training at the elite level
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